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About 100 Percent Wine

Launched in 2014 by a dad, 100 Percent Wine gives 100 percent of profits from the sale of high quality wine to charity. More specifically, we donate to local (where the product is sold) charities that help people living with disability find and keep jobs.

We sell wine with a story. We are using wine to help breakdown stereotypes around what people living with a disability can accomplish, particularly in an employment setting if we just give them a chance. No other product, much less wine, does anything like this.

Americans living with a disability are the largest and fastest growing minority group in the country, numbering almost 57 million (including approximately 1 million in Missouri). Unfortunately, two thirds of this population is completely out of the workforce. We believe that a job is the best social program and represents so much more than just a paycheck. Employment represents dignity, independence, self-confidence and validation. 100 Percent will find and fund nonprofit organizations that are creating unique and innovative ways to employ people in this population. We hope to find organizations that can scale their impact to employ as many people as possible. 100 Percent made their first grant in 2015 to UPC's Talent Connect in St Louis. To learn more about their amazing program, please follow this link: http://www.ucpheartland.org/services/employment-resources/talent-connect/

The whole premise of 100 Percent begins with a great product experience. No matter how good the cause is if the wine is poor, the effort will not succeed. Consumers will purchase one bottle and then move on. However, if we over deliver versus expectations, the wine's story will result in repeat purchases and customers will share the wine with family and friends. We are fortunate to have a partnership with a winery in Lodi, California. Consumers know and trust California wines, so we knew we needed to source our wine there. Our winery is a family owned, fifth generation company that produces truly unique and outstanding wines. The family was so interested in helping us that they gave us one of their master winemakers to custom craft each of our wines, something they had never done before. The results have been fantastic. Our red blend and our sauvignon blanc wines have been rated as over 90 points (meaning Outstanding: a wine of character and style) by wine critics. Additionally, both wines have been endorsed by two Master Sommeliers (only 240 in the world) making us the only $15 wine in the world with that distinction.

Here's to your Help!

Cheers! The 100 Percent Wine team

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