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October 8, 2014

"Do all of the good you can
By all of the means you can
In all of the ways you can
In all of the places you can
At all of the times you can
To all of the people you can
As long as you ever can."  -   John Wesley

Welcome to the 100 Percent Wine first ever blog post. This is Scott, the Founder and Father of both 100 Wine and the 100 Percent Wine Project. I will use this blog to post thoughts, ideas and stories. I hope that everything we do inspires you. I also hope that you will share your stories with us too. I want to show everyone what people living with disabilities (PLWD) can accomplish and celebrate these stories and these people. We have an amazing opportunity in front of us. So, while I am a little intimidated by the size of this big blank screen in front of me, it is time to get to work!

I picked this quote from John Wesley to start our first ever blog post because I think it capture the mission of 100 Percent perfectly. Our core mission is to help PLWD lead more fulfilled lives. As you may already read, this mission is deeply personal to me because I am the dad of a young man with special needs. At its core, my objective is to break down stereotypes of disability and tell stories that will inspire all of us to think differently.

One of the questions I get asked frequently is why did you start 100 Percent? The other question I get asked frequently is can I have free wine? Surprisingly, I think the first question is easier to answer than the second. 100 Percent allows me to combine two things that I love, which I did not think was possible. The first is my love for my son, Matthew. Ironically, the name Matthew means gift from God. That is certainly true in my case since he has taught me so much. Patience, tolerance and empathy are all so natural for him. I envy that. Like every parent, I want him to grow up in a better world and have more options than I had. The fact that he faces a number of unique challenges that could limit his options makes this a more complicated and time consuming puzzle. Nonetheless, this is a puzzle that I am going to solve, no matter what. That is just what parents do and I am no different. As a result, 100 Percent is truly a labor of love in its deepest and most basic level. I want Matthew to be happy, plain and simple. My second love is the desire for meaningful and fulfilling work. I certainly want that for Matthew but I also want that for the other almost 57 million Americans living with a disability. I cannot imagine more important work.

So that's the reason I started 100 Percent. I cannot tell you how exciting this has already been for me. I have met amazing people and learned so much. Immensely talented people have been so generous to answer all of my silly questions (in some cases, twice) and given me direction. Most of all, everyone has re-affirmed that is nothing quite like 100 Percent out there. 100 Percent touches people in a genuine way. So it's time to get started. We have truly great products for you to enjoy with your family and friends. You really can make a difference! We mean it when we say Drink Wine and Help People.

As always, thank you from 100 Percent.



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