Our Approach to Job Creation

Businesses benefit from productive employees.

By proving to businesses that it is in their financial best interest to hire people living with disabilities, we create durable and sustainable jobs. Our approach will be to educate potential employers that they will have a stronger, more profitable business by hiring more people living with disabilities. Almost two out of three people in this population is not in the workforce. This is an enormous pool of talent that can fill business staffing needs.

The 100 Percent Wine Project will be our primary vehicle for job creation. 100 Percent Wine Project is run like a business to create a reliable funding mechanism for the work of job creation. Over time, we will announce many partnerships with organizations that have successfully adopted programs that create employment for people with disabilities. We will build relationships with effective employment programs and work together to break down barriers. We will encourage best practices, and build stronger partnerships between businesses and people living with disabilities that are seeking employment.