The Best Titanium Cookware Reviews for 2020

When shopping for cookware, it’s amazing how fast the cart goes from $0 to $700, and you’re filled with chagrin when you realize you’ve only purchased 3 items. The market is tough. For quality you have to pay more, and in the daily grind, people like you and me don’t necessarily have all the time in the world to hunt down the best steal online.

This article focuses on identifying the necessary criteria for a smart titanium cookware purchase, finding the right place to buy it from, and finally finding the best deals. Additionally, while some might be searching for just one or two pans to augment an already full collection, in this article I focused mainly on finding sets of titanium cookware, as these are more likely to satisfy a full range of needs.

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What Should I Look for When Shopping for Titanium Cookware?

Titanium cookware is the latest in an innovative, constantly changing market seeking to bring you the best technology has to offer in the kitchen. It’s pretty much guaranteed that any titanium purchase you make will provide you with even heat, nonstick, easy to clean, great pieces, as these are the main benefits of titanium-reinforced dishes. However, in terms of an actual buy, it’s necessary to check things like durability, eco-friendliness, and price before making your final decision. Below I’ve listed the 5 major criteria I used to narrow the search down to the 5 best titanium cookware sets available today.

#1: Durability. Obviously one of the major aspects that will make or break a good purchase, durability is the measure of how long your cookware set will last, looking and performing like new, with negligible scratching or denting. This criterion is mostly important because a big purchase like a cooking set, let alone a titanium cooking set, should be made with the intention of finding something that will last, that you won’t have to throw on the junk pile in 5 years.

#2: Price. Price. Price. No matter what we do, where we go, and what we’re looking for, price is the criterion that will hang over our heads and ask us to pretend it’s not there. However the wise shopper never does, so neither have I, and I’ve included price as one of the necessary details in order to identify the top merchandise available.

#3: Chemical Makeup. While each item listed here is reinforced with titanium, the other metals included per product directly affect the heat distribution, the speed of cooking, and even with what stove the pan is compatible. Whether the titanium is bonded with a ceramic compound affects the effectiveness of a non-stick design, and what other compounds are used to acquire non-stick can make your pan less eco-friendly, and possibly unsafe for extended use.

#4: Appearance. Not to overlook the men who do find this important, but I think it’s fair to say that many a man has been flummoxed when his significant other refuses to purchase something that “isn’t pretty,” and insists on buying something that is. The color, shape, and artistry of the piece will always factor in, and this is true when buying clothes, furniture, and yes, even cookware.

#5: Reviews and ratings. The men and women who have taken the risk on new, untested products are our friends, and we thank them. Buying something tested and reviewed by nonbiased purchasers is an excellent way to see how a product performs with repeated use in a normal environment, and reading their feedback a great way to find out their real thoughts on use, performance, and their dealings with the company. Finding these reviews not on the company website is essential and has also been factored into the equation.

Here’s How I’ve Determined the Best Titanium Cookware

I used the criteria listed above to objectively pinpoint the advantages and disadvantages of each purchase. The number of pieces provided in each cookware set, the reviews by previous consumers, the look, materials, durability, and cost all factored into my final decision when making this list. I looked for things like warranty, the absence of complaints, and if there were complaints, how quickly and thoroughly those were addressed, all in order to find the best titanium cookware set on the market.

#1: Tasty Cookware Non-Stick – Titanium Reinforced Ceramic (Best Value – All-Purpose)

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The Tasty Titanium Reinforced Ceramic set has aesthetically the most stunning pots and pans I have ever seen. The exterior is a beautiful cherry red color that pops, the slight curve from top to bottom is subtle yet appealing, and the handles are wide and comfortable. The set has a stainless steel base suitable for all stovetops (including induction), and an aluminum core, which heats up 7 times faster than any standard iron or steel.

The titanium and ceramic reinforced interiors provide lasting non-stick surfaces, important for those of us interested in cutting down on excess fats from oil and butter, and ratings said the non-stick feature continued to perform well after the initial purchase. The set includes a square griddle pan and a deep cooker as well as standard pots and pans, and comes with a booklet of the recipes we’ve all obsessed over but never had the opportunity to try from the Tasty website.

It is worth noting that the set is specifically PFOA and PTFE free – two chemicals that are used in conjunction in order to achieve non-stick results but have been directly linked to high cholesterol, thyroid disease, and weight gain with extended exposure.

The set is a reasonably priced and can usually be found on Amazon, as well as on the Tasty website. Reviewers were very enthusiastic about this product, awarding it more than 4 stars and saying that they loved everything about this purchase. One reviewer had an unfortunate experience and said that her pot was almost immediately chipped through very superficial use, however, her experience seems to be a single voice in a crowd of very satisfied customers.

This set is my top pick for all-around best titanium cookware because of its very reasonable pricing, beautiful appearance, high rating, excellent materials, and finally, very good reviews. If you’re looking for a set that will satisfy all your needs and look good doing it, this purchase is the right one for you.

#2: T-fal Ultimate Hard Anodized Nonstick Cookware (Best Price)

The T-fal Ultimate Cookware set is the dream of the family from “Yours, Mine and Ours” meets lunchtime in an army mess hall. The 17-piece set with its standard dark grey comes with practically any pot or pan necessary in the kitchen, and a tempered glass lid on each pot maintains visibility through the steamiest cooking jobs. A perk is its dutch oven, perfect for soups, stews, and even frying with its good heat retention. While the visuals of this set are standard and unexciting, the versatility provided by the whole set makes up for any deficiencies in appearance, making this a very worthwhile buy.

Each piece in the T-Fal Cookware is made of anodized aluminum, a substrate making the exterior of the metal decorative, durable, and non-corrosive, and the interior is reinforced with a strong titanium layer, making it nonstick and easily cleaned.

Unique to the T-fal design, this set comes with a temperature spot indicator located on the inside center of each pot or pan, which glows bright red when the pan is at the optimal heat; an asset to anyone who doesn’t want the eggs to burn. Additionally, the T-fal design is completely eco-friendly, and chemicals like PFOA and PTFE, as well as lead and cadmium, are not used on the nonstick surface. Oven safe at the high heat of 400 degrees Fahrenheit, these pans really deliver in so many ways.

Unfortunately, this set took a ding on the scoreboard because, while compatible with most stovetops, these cannot be used on an induction range, making them an unsuitable choice for any family with an induction cooktop or considering getting an induction within the next five years. Regardless, for a family without an induction range, these pans are an EXCELLENT choice and tend to run about 10% cheaper than the Tasty titanium cookware.

The T-fal, it’s worth noting, is an Amazon Choice, having been reviewed and rated by over 9,000 people. The cookware received a rating of over 4 stars, and the ratings were on the whole very positive. However, some reviews voiced disappointment in the customer service, and there were some concerns that T-fal had re-sent equipment without repackaging it after it had been returned by other customers, thus harming the merchandise. This led to an additional mark against the T-fal, bumping an otherwise amazing set from first to second place. These cases, however, were relatively isolated and the T-fal titanium cookware has many a happy consumer around the world.

On the whole, the T-fal is an amazing buy for anyone who is looking for great pots, but absolutely nothing fancy, who doesn’t care about the look, doesn’t have an induction range, and is looking to get the most for his money. If that’s you, you know what to do.

#3: Hestan NanoBond Clad Cookware (Best For Chefs With Generous Friends)

I really debated before including the Hestan NanoBond Clad Cookware on the list of Top Five Titanium Cookware sets. The price hovers in the $1,000 – $2,000 range for a 10-piece set, making it a contender for the few very serious chefs, or those willing to put a lot down for quality. That being said, I’ll start at the beginning.

The Hestan NanoBond pans are sleek and streamlined. From the tip of the handle to the bottom of the pan, there is smooth stainless steel, somehow managing to make the classic form of the pots new and exciting. The exterior is four times harder than conventional steel, making it resistant to scratching and staining, extending the longevity of your product.

The handles do not get hot during cooking, and the pots while classic, have a shape that is timeless. An added perk to the set is that it is stackable, making it possible to either put them away neatly and with minimal space or to display them proudly on the walls.

The Hestan’s perform amazingly during cooking, with their aluminum core. They are completely nonstick with a titanium-reinforced interior and are completely free of adverse chemicals. The titanium reinforced stainless steel set is compatible with all stovetops, making them a valuable find for our proud induction owners.

Reviewers raved about this set giving it a five-star rating, and had excellent things to say about the company, customer service, the packaging, and conscientious response to complaints. This set, more than any of the others has a guarantee of high performance, class, and pure enjoyment.

While it’s true that this product is a much bigger investment, there’s no arguing that this set is a wonderful purchase for those who can afford to splurge a little more. The highly scratch-resistant exterior, the aluminum core adding even heat distribution, the beauty of the design, and nonstick aspect coupled with stellar reviews make this the perfect choice for all our chefs (or aspiring chefs) and could be just the thing for you if you’re looking for pots you’ll still use 30 years into a marriage.

#4: Saflon Titanium Nonstick Cookware Forged Aluminum with PFOA Free Scratch Resistant Coating (Best Low Cost)

Although you might object to buying tea from them, our friends in England make some kitchen appliances it would be a shame to overlook. The Saflon Titanium Cookware Set is a 10-piece find. The set, coming in grey or red and sporting a slightly retro look with large handles on the sides of pots and on pot covers, has a 4mm aluminum thickness, providing maximum durability and longevity.

While not the most exciting color, the aluminum makeup means that the pan provides very even heat distribution and heats up more quickly than its steel or iron competitors. The inside is coated with a triple layer of QuanTanium, a titanium compound, making the cookware nonstick and helping to cut down on calories and cholesterol.

The pans are eco-friendly, having no PFOA’s and are lead-free, making them family-friendly. They are scratch-resistant and dishwasher safe, making them last forever and their maintenance quick and straightforward.

The cookware is reasonably priced, and while not as good a deal as the Tasty selling 11 pieces for approximately the same price, the Saflon is pretty close. The Saflon set did very well in reviews, receiving over 4 stars on Amazon, and buyers who were looking for solid, dependable, titanium-reinforced cookware were very pleased with this purchase.

The pans got bumped down to fourth place, because unfortunately, they are not compatible with an induction stovetop, cutting down on their versatility and ability to perform in any situation, as well as adapt to every new stove your family will purchase. Additionally, one reviewer complained that after the first use, the lids didn’t fit correctly, an unfortunate review for otherwise glowing recommendations. Fortunately, the reviewer continued saying that the company’s response was quick and efficient, addressing the problem and replacing the faulty merchandise.

Due to the simple but charming exterior, the reasonable pricing and the versatility offered by a 10-piece cookware set, as well as the wonderful non-stick titanium interior, this buy is perfect for anyone looking to buy a no-stress product he or she is sure will perform, without worrying that a more striking look will grow old.

#5: Granitestone PRO – Hard Anodized Premium Chef’s Cookware with Ultimate Nonstick Diamond & Mineral Coating

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Last but certainly not least, the Granitestone Premium Chef’s Cookware Set is a wonderful choice for anyone attempting to embrace classic design, with it’s great lines and a subtle finish. The exterior of this cook set is all black with a speckled interior, adding a touch of fun and flair to an otherwise streamlined image.

The handles are stainless steel and the pot covers are tempered glass, providing maximum security and coverage while properly ventilating so visibility is maintained throughout the cooking process. The pots and pans are made up of anodized aluminum, dense and non-porous, making the exterior tough and highly resistant to scratching and or chipping. The diamond interior is a titanium-ceramic blend providing maximum nonstick efficiency, and the stainless steel handles are a sleek finish to a lovely product. These pans are for professional use; made to stand the wear-and-tear of copious and enthusiastic cooking.

Within the set are included your standard pots and pans of varying sizes, providing flexibility in the kitchen, satisfying your every need. The pots and pans are oven safe up to a record-breaking 500 degrees Fahrenheit, and the pans are compatible with almost every stovetop (excluding induction).

Scoring almost 5 stars in Amazon ratings, these pans are also an Amazon’s Choice, and the ceramic and titanium interior is so strong that metal utensils can be used without fear of ruining the finish. Another great reason to choose the Granitestone Set is it’s 10-year warranty, ensuring a quick response from the company if a section erodes over time.

In the reviewer section, the cookware set had great feedback, with comments like ‘easy to clean’ and ‘even heat distribution.’ These pans really are a great buy, only receiving a lower score due to the relatively few reviews (under 15) and the incompatibility with induction. If these concerns do not apply to you, this is truly an amazing purchase, and worth the investment.

On a Budget? Try These:

Not all of us are looking to make a major purchase, and not all of us can afford to spend on an big new set of cookware. So this section focuses on a single pan or a much smaller set.

#1 Budget: Granitestone Diamond PRO 3pc Non Stick Cookware Set-PFOA/PTFE free

A set of three pans from 8″ to 12″, this set is a smaller version of the Granitestone 13-piece set. With wonderful reviews and high performance, anyone looking to augment their collection or just get the very basics can’t go wrong with the Granitestone 3 Piece Cookware Set. 

#2 Budget: Zwilling Titanium Nonstick Frying Pan Set

The light grey stainless steel two-pan Zwilling are a high performing duo with a aluminum core for maximum heat efficiency and distribution. The interior is a nonstick ceramic and titanium coating, and the pans are a nice addition to any kitchen.

#3 Budget: Frieling Black Cube 8 in. Stainless Steel Nonstick Frying Pan

This Try-Ply design works on all cooktops including indcution, has great reviews, and an intricate design on the inside standing up to natural wear and tear. A solid buy and a legitimate option for anyone needing just one extra pan.

How Good Is Titanium Cookware?

The question “Is titanium cookware any good” is actually a bit misleading. Pure titanium is prized because it’s very light and durable; making a product that is easy to carry and can be banged up without losing its shape or getting scratched (a popular choice for camping trips). However, titanium is a poor conductor, meaning that it distributes heat unevenly and is not effective for kitchen cooking. So when most people look for titanium cookware, they’re actually looking for titanium reinforced cookware, which is cookware made up of another metal (usually aluminum or stainless steal), but reinforced with titanium.

This creates a cookware product that has all the benefits of titanium, mainly nonstick and durability, joined with the advantages of aluminum. Aluminum conducts approximately 7 times faster than normal iron or steel, and provides excellent heat distribution, and when stainless steel is included in the design, the result is high performing cookware that lasts forever, looks great, and is compatible with any stovetop.

Titanium vs Ceramic Cookware

Titanium and ceramic are both great materials to look for in cookware, and are often combined to create a strong, attractive, durable product, with nonstick advantages. Titanium however tends to be more durable, while ceramic is more prone to chipping. Ceramic can sometimes contain traces of lead, making it less safe than titanium. It is the titanium which provides a nonstick component wihtout aded chemicals, but the ceramic does have more variety in color and appearance. Both are great, but depending on your need, one or the other may be more what you’re looking for.

Verdict: Your Best Titanium Cookware

If you want the best value for money, pick the T-fal, a 17-piece set with great reviews and affordable pricing.

If you need a great set that is suitable for induction, pick the Tasty Cookware, also very affordable and adding panache with a deep cherry red.

If you want to keep the spend under $70, the Zwilling two-piece set is a nice addition to your kitchen and cooking experience.

As always, I hope this article finds you well, and that you found it helpful in your search. Happy cooking!

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